HY5950/HY5960 IOT security chip

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HY5950/5960 is a IOT security chip for passive, intelligent tags supporting the ISO 18000-3 mode 3 RFID standard designed by Shandong Huayi Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.It  includes 240-bit of EPC memory and 512-bit user memory,and it contai-ns national secret SM7 security algorithm.

The product adopts self-developed high-performance anti-conflict algorithm, with the biggest advantage of high recognition rate, fast anti-conflict speed and high security anti-counterfeit level. With the HYB620X series readers, the product provides 100% reading ability of 800 labels within 10 seconds and fast inventory ability driven by LED lights. It is especially suitable for application scenarios with high anti-conflict requirements and fast, dense and accurate reading requirements, such as unmanned supermarket, file management and industrial logistics management.

  • 512-bit user memory
  • Up to 240-bit of EPC memory
  • 96-bit tag identifier (TID) including 48-bit unique serial number
  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) functionality
  • 32-bit access password to allow a transition into the secured state. Recommissioning feature(privacy) with 32-bit kill password
  • High sensitivity,long read/write distance up to 1.5m(door width)
  • Reliable operation of multiple tags due to advanced anti-collision(up to 800 tags/s)
  • Optional support SM7 stream encryption
  • Carrier frequency:13.56MHz
  • Resonance capacitance:23.5pF
  • Forward link: 25 kbit/s to 100 kbit/s
  • Return link: 53 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Library and document management
  • Electronic ticket
  • Commodity anti-counterfeiting
  • Supermarket automatic settlement and anti-theft
  • Medical examination and laboratory test
  • Traceability of drugs and food
  • Catering settlement
  • Game hall and Casino chip