1、 Talent concept

People oriented, Positive and enterprising, Keeping pace with the times, Pioneering and innovative

2、 Introduction to wing lecture hall

Yi lecture hall is a professional personnel training institution initiated and established by Huayi. It aims to realize systematization of training, full staff training and whole process training. Through the establishment of internal professional lecturer team and the establishment of perfect talent echelon, it constantly stimulates the potential of employees and creates learning atmosphere, so as to cultivate high-quality professional talents for Huayi, the industry and the society.

3、 Training objectives

(1) Improve the professional knowledge and skills of employees

(2) Comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of employees

(3) Create a positive and enterprising learning atmosphere and build a learning organization

4、 Training plan

(1) New employee training

Conduct induction training on company culture, rules and regulations, job responsibilities and work procedures

(2) Business knowledge training

Real time periodic project exchange, sharing and seminar based on business situation

(3) Management knowledge training

Combined with internal and external resources, carry out management professional training

5、 Staff development

(1) Management talent team: Grassroots managers, middle managers, senior managers;

(2) Technical professionals: junior technicians, intermediate technicians and senior technicians (with a technical rating);

(3) Marketing talent team: marketing personnel, marketing backbone.