CPU security chip for terminal authentication HYM4616B4 (16K)

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HYM4616B4 is a CPU security chip for terminal authentication designed by Shandong Huayi Microelectronics Co., LTD based on years of experience in the smart card industry.It  Integrates Turbo 51 CPU,provides 16KB EEPROM user memory and supports ISO/IEC 7816 and I2C communication protocol. It contains 32 bit true random number generator and safety protection circuit.It supports independent multi-application,multi-key security protection,DES/3DES/SM1/SM4/SSF33/SHA1 cryptographic algorithm.    

HYM4616B4 has the advantages of low power consumption, high performance and high security, flexible operating system (COS) development.It can provide customized development of various special application scenarios. It is suitable for embedded Internet of Things security chip, embedded access control security chip, social security card, ESAM, PSAM and other security chip application scenarios.

The product provides contact card, SAM card, SOP8, DIP8 and other packaging forms.

  • Support ISO/IEC 7816 standard
  • DES/3DES/SM1/SM3/SM4/SSF33/SHA1 cryptographic algorithm
  • 32bit Random number generator (accord FIPS140-2 and NIST SP800-22)
  • Two 16-bit programmable timer/counter
  • Client applications 32KB ROM
  • Data/Program memory 16KB EEPROM
  • 256Bytes IRAM
  • 512Bytes XRAM
  • Support temperature,light,field strength security mechanism etc.
  • Memory (ROM,EEPROM,IRAM,XRAM) data encryption
  • EEPROM write endurance 100000,data retention 10 years
  • Temperature range:-20℃~ 70℃
  • ESD PAD more than 2000v, chip PAD more than 4000v (HBM) 
  • IoT
  • Smart home
  • High end battery anti counterfeiting
  • Anti counterfeiting of equipment and accessories
  • Software copyright protection
  • Anti cloning of circuit board