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This enterprise has just been warmly encouraged by the premier and won the medal of "influence Jinan"
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        As the only security chip design enterprise in Shandong Province and the only private enterprise among the six major security chip design enterprises in China, the researchers of Shandong Huayi Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huayi microelectronics") have been immersed in excitement and excitement for nearly two days. On the 25th, Premier Li Keqiang and Yu Wei, vice general manager of Huayi microelectronics, had a knee to shoulder talk with Yu Wei, vice general manager of Huayi microelectronics. On the 26th, Huayi microelectronics was pleased to win the medal of "affecting Jinan", the most promising enterprise in 2018.


        Yu Wei first shared with reporters the excitement of meeting with the premier at the award ceremony of "influential Jinan" economic figures and famous enterprises and famous brands in 2018: "the premier went to the Bank of Qilu on the 25th to investigate the tax reduction, fee reduction and financing situation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Huayi Microelectronics was invited to participate. I sat on the left of the premier. I said that we are a security chip design company, and the state has been implementing tax and fee reduction policies We, as a private enterprise, have benefited greatly and will continue to do so. The premier nodded repeatedly and said, "very good, very good, chip design is a hard technology, we must do better."

        On the 26th, Zeng Weimin, general manager of Huayi microelectronics, who had just returned to Jinan on business trip, went straight to Longao building to award awards for economic figures, famous enterprises and famous brands. He said that Huayi Microelectronics will benefit directly from the state's newly issued policy of exempting enterprise income tax for IC design enterprises. As a private enterprise, Huayi microelectronics has been relying on its own funds for development, with huge R & D investment, but also encountered many difficulties. The state has paid more and more attention to the independent research and development of security chips, which has encouraged enterprises. After 10 years of hard research and development, Huayi microelectronics is confident to replace "foreign core" with "Chinese chip" in more and more fields.


        Huayi microelectronics is worthy of its reputation for winning the medal of "influencing Jinan" the most promising enterprise in 2018. Huayi microelectronics has obtained the security qualification certification from the State Password Administration, the people's Bank of China, China network security examination technology and Certification Center, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Health Commission, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other government authorities. It has the first double interface security chip model certificate issued by the State Password Administration in China, and independently develops the industry's first high-tech with national secret algorithm The anti conflict IOT security chip and reader chip have been applied to file management and high security asset management, and won the national gold card project "golden ant Award" innovation product award in August last year; at the beginning of this year, Huayi microelectronics won the first real estate ownership certificate project in China, and its research and development of real estate certificate security chip will be promoted throughout the country; recently, Huayi Microelectronics Co., Ltd He is also designing chips for the China International Import Expo, which will be held in Shanghai on November 5.